My next million dollar idea: reluctant exercise videos with people who aren’t perky.

"Just five more… I know, I kind of want to die right now too, but let’s just power through it."

"Okay, new yoga pose.  It’s going to ache like a bastard until your hamstrings release, I’m not gonna lie."

"Stretch a little deeper… it’s okay to yell ‘fuck’ at this point, I won’t tell anyone."


Do you have one of Carl Sagan’s books or DVDs? If so, you could be a part of something to remember him:

Carl has had a huge influence on many inhabitants of our tiny planet. Including me, as he played an important role in my interest towards science. It has now been 17 years since his death, but a lot of people are still enjoying or discovering his books and TV series.

To show how Carl lives on through all of the people who care about his work, I want to put together a mosaic. This is the point where I need your help - please take a picture of yourself with the book(s) or DVDs by Sagan.

Example image:

You can mail the image to or send a facebook message. Please add your first name.

(Thank you to the people who’ve already sent their image

If you’ve lost one pound. If you’ve lost a hundred pounds. If you’ve kicked your junk-food habit. If you’ve eaten a vegetable today. If you walked a block today. If you ran a mile. If you put down a glass of Coke. If you drank five glasses of water. If you’ve cut 1000 calories or if you’ve cut 100, take a second to marvel at how far you’ve come and how far you’re able to go.

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having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired at the same time. it’s the fear of failure but no urge to be productive, and it’s wanting friends while hating socializing. it’s like running a marathon with the willpower of a corpse because you want to get to the end but you also want to sleep and evaporate into the soil and become compost for snails and flowers because then at least you’re useful

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